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Join us as a .....Donor

Become a Donor

Contribute to the Friends of Rocky Bluff Library Giving Tree!

The beautiful Giving Tree, located in the lobby of Rocky Bluff Library, was crafted and donated by a local artisan. Adding donor names to the tree is our way of giving recognition to the generosity of library patrons. As the tree "grows" with the names of more sponsors, our library services to the community will grow as well.

The color of your leaf on the tree will correspond with your donation level as follows:

Giving Tree Leaf Levels
Diamond - $5,000+
Platinum - $1,000
Gold/Corporate - $500
Silver - $250
Bronze - $100


Become a Donor now

Another way to donate to Friends is in memory or in honor of another person. With a $100 donation, a card will be sent to the donor and recipient's family with notification that a leaf has been added to the tree. A smaller donation is welcome, as well. A card will be sent notifying the recipient, if applicable, or the family. Something to think about......your donation remains in our community and there are no administrative costs since the entire Friends group are volunteers.

Library patrons have seen the changes in our new library which have been funded by our Friends group. Your donations have done much to improve our beautiful facility and the services of Rocky Bluff Library.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution.